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A result of the natural phenomenon of social networking via cannabis smoking, the Stoner Pipeline is a system of individuals who are acquainted or closer to each other solely because they both share the characteristic of being a marijuana smoker a.k.a. a stoner.

Every true stoner has their own personal Stoner Pipeline (whether they know it or not) consisting of all the people they know that smoke. A true stoner holds these people differently than others. A true stoner sees another stoner as a sort of brethren. A mutual sense of respect connects these true stoners, because both are active in something illegal and what they were taught not to do, yet they live it and love it.

Regions that have smaller stoner populations actually have stronger Stoner Pipelines connection. The less stoners there are in an area, the closer and more dependent the stoners are on each other. In these sort of regions people can become best friends as soon as they find out the other is a stoner.
-How do you know Davy?
-Through the Stoner Pipeline.
-.....I bought weed from him one time.
by Jack Fraust October 14, 2009
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