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the act of being extremely stoned, drunk (alcohol bought by the gorgeous and plentiful pan pacific homeless) or both.
do not take the act of stizzin lightly, it is a feat which is difficult to accomplish by most "average" human beings. you'd have to be considered strictly rude in order to also be stizzin.

disregard any negative comments about stizzin, embrace it or receive dire consequence

live the stizzin, love the stizzin, bathe in the stizzin
by ilovemarcel May 06, 2009
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the act of being ridiculously inebriated, either under the influence of weed, alcohol (usually bought my homeless pan pacific wanderers) or both.

don't take this lightly, the act of stizzin is a feat within itself and many cannot undertake the process of "stizzin" correctly.

"dude i'm stizzin mad balls"
by ilovemarcel May 06, 2009
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