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When a man not normally attracted to other men feels so out alpha-ed upon learning that another man has slept with one of his previous conquests that he offers him up sexually to the second man.

Often, in an effort to still appear as manly, at least in the eyes of others if not to himself, he will add a degrading but amusing insult to the end of the request. ie "Stir my porridge, bitch" or "Stir my porridge, fruit cake."
When Dick learned that Harry had also screwed Jane, he was overcome with the sense of Harry's manliness. "Stir my porridge, bitch," he said, as lust overcame his usual nature.

The term may originate with the use of the word Porridge as a reference to time spent in prison, or possibly it's occasional use as slang for vagina or pussy.
by Areiveaducci December 02, 2010
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