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A term for the situation that arises when XX vertigo gets a sticky to the face while playing as an Argus PMC Mercenary in the video game Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. Upon doing so, it is common courtesy to jeer "get that sechs" or "you get that buttsechs xx vertigo because your oregon connection is garbage". Sticky sechs is too 1337 for xx Vertigo's potential use and is thus precluded by terrible bandwidth.
xx Vertigo: Kid, you're garbage, I'm the best there is.
ohh dam: Kid you get raped, and you too elite spart-an.

*xx Vertigo gets stickied*

Elitespartan V2: Sticky Sechs.
KennyWang: Kid you get that butt sechs.
by Madchief December 28, 2007
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