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When you stick a fruit roll up on your dick and use it instead of a condom. After your done she can eat it to. It's three feet of fun!
Girl: Hey, do you have any uhmmm... Protection.
Boy: Oh.. Oh yeeaaah!
Girl: Oh My GOD ! It's Huge!
Boy: I no baby. Its three feet of fun!
Boy: Its a Sticky Dick Rollup!
by StickyMess June 27, 2010
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When you use a fruit rollup instead of a condom. Sticky in many ways
Hot Girl: I thought you ran in the store to get condoms?
Dude: I did, but they had fruit rollups! and they are cheaper!
Girl: Oh....Is it safe to wear?
Dude: who cares! its a fruit rollup!
Girl: You should have asked me if i was down for a stickydick Rollup!
by DSK! April 28, 2009
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