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The easiest and simplest way to look like a tool while driving in a car.

It's quite simple:

1: Buy a cheap car, preferally a Honda.
2: Purchace Stick-On Vents at your local fake bodyshop.
3: ?????

Since they are affixed with a sticky-tape surface, you can easily place them haphazardly on your car with no regard to logic or form, placing vents where they would do no good -- even if they were real, and where no self-respecting engineer would even consider.

Nearly always seen on cars with more than 5 Puerto Rican Flags, Mismatched Color Body Panels, or a Temporary Spare tire (donut). AKA, a Piece of Shit on wheels.

An additinal requirement of this behavior states the the owner has an IQ below 65.
...Look at that...
He put a Stick-On Vent on his fucking fuel door...
by The Municipality October 25, 2009
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