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A conjunction of Steven and Zehner. Steven, is Greek in Origin and simply means "Crown" or "One Of Royalty".

Zehner is German in Origin and When used with the first name, is often referred to as "Clown". So, by combining the two you plainly end up with "Royal Clown" or what many know as a Jester.

The surname of ZEHNER is a German occupational name for an official. In recent historical studies, the name can be traced back 1933 at the early stages of the rise of Hitler. With that in mind, many Jewish people of the era referred to the name as "Evil Clown".

Ironically, in 1940 a comic book appeared which some argued, actually captured the essence of the"Evil Clown" title in the first Issue of Batman with the introduction to The Joker.
"Steven Zehner is a funny son of a bitch!"

"Holy shit Steven Zehner had me laughing my ass off!"

"Zehner wird Sie mit einem Lächeln auf seinem Gesicht töten!" (translation: "Zehner will kill you with a smile on his face!")

"Sie werden Zehner Gekicher vor dem Schuss hören." (translation:"You will hear Zehner giggle before the gunshot.")

"Befürchten Sie Zehner, der deutsche Hofnarr des Todes." (translation: "Fear Zehner, the German jester of death.")
by Scherzen January 20, 2011
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