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Steve Workman is a professional skater for Demonseed Skateboards.

The GREATEST skateboarder of all time. (Yes, greater than Tony Hawk)

Steve Workman is not as famous as Tony Hawk because the average human being cannot handle the extreme coolness of Steve Workman.

Steve Workman is known for shredding vert ramps and pools all over Florida.

Steve Workman can shred street too, but he finds the lack of vert too boring for him.

Steve Workman skates so fast that he can't skate metal coping. He needs the rough pool coping to manage is speed.

Steve Workman airs so high that he puts lead in his pockets to hold him down.

Steve Workman's knee pads are over 10 years old but look brand new because Steve Workman NEVER falls.

Steve Workman can be found schralping the shit out of the Chea-B-S bowl on a nightly basis.

Steve Workman is the exact opposite of a Cheab.

If Chuck Norris decided to skateboard, he would ride a Steve Workman pro model.
Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Steve Workman!".
by ShredGnarShark October 03, 2011
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