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A stereochink is your typical asian, the one that works hard, the one that laughs at stupid jokes and makes shitty immature jokes and do not have any personality at all.

These stereochinks can be found all over the world as they are 90% of the asian population and when they are children/teenagers all they can do is work hard study hard and thats it, they do not control their lives but their parents do such as the typical asian dad telling his son to work hard in school or they will get beaten. They also grow up to be EXACTLY like their parents so its a neverending spiral of bland conformity

An easy way to tell if someone is a stereo chink is to compare them to other asians, are they the same? Do they laugh at the same shit jokes/ immature crap? If they do, then they are a stereochink and they have no personality, so stay away!

This word is also similar to gaysian. (gay asian.)
"Dude what are those fucking chinks laughing at."
"I don't know, i guess they're laughing because the teacher said dick again."
"Dude, who laughs at that anyway, even 6 year olds don't laugh at that."

I agree, hitler was wrong to kill jews, he should of killed off a few million stereochinks instead.
by Razbri June 19, 2009
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