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Stereo kid. Stereo as in boombox, not stereotype.

Lets get this straight, a stereo kid is not scene or emo. Although, they may be mistaken for one or both. Stereo kids are rockstars and definitely look like they just stepped right out of an 80;s music video clip, but with a modern spin. They listen to all genres of rock, and listen to music ALL THE TIME. make your iPod your best friend. listen to pop-rock, hard rock, heavy metal, screamo, grunge, alternative, techno, indie, dance, electronica, emo, and even plain rock. They have a purevolume account.

Stereo kids are "social butterflies" and they so know it. Stereo kids have shitloads of friends, but are actually friends with them. They're nice people but piss them off and you're in for it fer suree.

They're not ever boring and always bring a smile to the people in the room with their bright personalities and have a different outlook on life than most.

Stereo kids are known for their sunnies. Especially aviators/ dolce & gabanna. And trust me, they never take them off.

Finally, they love the city and partying. True stereo kids don't have to work hard to achieve these things, they just ARE.

So please, now that you know what stereo kids are, don't turn this into another scene or emo. Or i will hunt you down.
If you check this out it might help you understand what a stereo kid is. :
by stef is a ROCKSTAR; September 17, 2008
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