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1. Immediately following anal sex, the man wipes an "S" with his shit-stained cock and balls in one of two places:
a. If doggystyle, then the "S" is wiped across her tramp-stamp spot (just above her ass crack)
b. If missionary, then the "S" is wiped across her forehead (which requires that her hair be pulled back)

The move is appropriately topped off with the money-shot mixed in with the shit residue.

2. A cookie

This move is distantly related to the Dirty Sanchez
1. "Yeah, I gave Julie a Steaming Sausalito last night and she enjoyed every minute of it."

2. "For a warm melty chocolate experience, make a steaming sausalito by putting the cookie in the microwave for 20 seconds."
by Saucy Lito November 23, 2007
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