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Someone in particular that is annoying, bothersome, and intrusive. However, this person is usually oblivious to this fact. In most cases, the person is mocked for his ignorance.

The term was first used to refer to a Jamaican hot dog vender that would usually try to sell dogs outside of a local club. This club was home to acts that mostly attracted upstate, white, civilians. Once the show was over, the vendor would scream "Cold water, cold soda, hotdogs!", or something of that derivative, whenever someone would pass him. Most of the whites would humor him by purchasing a hot dog and pursue to call him the "steaming hot dog man". He has now widely known for his loud, obnoxious screams and blissful state of ignorance.

Whenever he is imitated for humor, the imitator will usually speak in a Jamaican accent.
"Dude, can I come along?"

"Sure, steaming hot dog man! Cold water, cold soda, hot dogs!"

by Timmy Ass September 29, 2006
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