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A small business, mainly sole-proprietorship "movement" that in protest and by parody operates using the same immoral, unproductive and underhanded techniques as the notoriously evil big business failures of the past (or even present, sadly). Especially those business practices leading to the economic collapse of 2008.

Furthermore it is a business that doesn't care whether or not it succeeds and in fact is trying to fail in order to become a tax shelter. It is characterized by its indifference or even antipathy toward success.
Owner of business: I am bummed

Friend: why is that?
Owner of business: well the business I set up as a tax shelter turned a profit because my employee died and the "dead peasant insurance" paid out huge, so now I have to actually pay taxes.

Friend: Stay Classy Carlsbad
by Ben the life critic March 26, 2010
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