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Asshole cops who tend to be rejects from other precints. They use the "Entrapment" "Tail and Ticket" and "Radar That Only I Can Read" methods to ticket people, typically college students and the elderly. They earn kick backs on the number of tickets they write.

They also will ticket you for speeding while passing a slower vehicle in a two way road. Apparently, one can pass a vehicle legally, unless you exceed the marked speed to pass the said vehicle.

Tend to be among the lowest of officers in the police caste system, yet highest ranking in State affairs. Some of the gualifications are as follow:

-Asshole Traits
-Posses an un-deserved sense of accomplishment
-Backass and closed minded
-Must own Walmart Aviators
-Be unswayable
"That State Trooper cock sucker ticketed me for going 78 in a 70 while trying to pass someone going 45 in the 70..."

"I got ticketed by the wannabe Chuck Norris over there who doesn't realize he's a state trooper, not a Texas Ranger"

by Tiredofbeingticketed September 21, 2008
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