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A bitchy ass club if you ask me. All they care about is being popular, and to rule Original Club, also known as OC. They back stab, and there all full of bitches. They all say they have no populars, but we ALL know they do. The populars of OC tend to make attention seeking topics to get attention, and the topic has something most likely to do with sex,penis', or boners. Of course everyone replies to it cause they love the populars, and they want to become bffs with them, then when they become popular, back stab them. Everyone laughs at topics saying sex and shit, because there all mentally retarded, and fags. If you diss on there topics, or say its gross, a whole bunch of the popular's followers will cuss you out. All OC does is cause drama 24/7, and everyone over reacts too much. People make hater accounts for attention.
Stardoll- Original Club


annoying ocer2 O: omg. i lerv ur medoll. i lurve ur snake bites and ur scene bob hair cutt. its sexyyyy. :D :D :D :D
annoying ocer1 LOLOLOLOZ. THANKIES BBY. ;D
annoying ocer3 RAWRAWRRAWR
by Liberty419 May 06, 2010
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A place where people are welcome and are free of speach.

Yes, there's 'populars' & yes there's 'noobs' but we generally all get along.
We ♥ trolls.
- (user) TeagensAngel
add me C:
She's got such a unique medoll! must be from Stardoll Original Club.
by An Oc'er. September 11, 2011
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