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A Star Wars enthusiast is an avid fan that collects some type of Star Wars memorabilia such as Autographs, Movie posters, Prop replicas, action figures, costumes etc.
Star Wars enthusiast often grew up with the original trilogy, episodes IV , V , VI or has a parent that grew up with the original trilogy and became an enthusiast through exposure. These second-generation enthusiast usually favor the Prequel Star Wars episodes I , II and III .

Enthusiast usually relate with and favor either a light or Dark side character of the movie. They can name every character, ship, event, and creature that is in the movies and will know the names of behind the scenes people involved with Star Wars.

They own videos and or DVDs of every Star Wars movie and often also own videos and or DVDs of Star Wars side projects such as spin-offs and specials.

A seasoned enthusiast of Star Wars understands the subtle sub plots and idiosyncrasies of the story plots. They can point out bloopers, homage's, cameos, and mistakes in the movies.
Depending on age, most enthusiast will currently be playing or had at onetime played Star Wars video games or rpg games .

Extremely dedicated Star Wars Enthusiast will travel across the country or in some cases across oceans to a Star Wars convention.
Science fiction fans of all sorts, a Star Wars enthusiast will sometimes also show enthusiasm for Star Trek.
by francis7a December 29, 2010
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