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One of the hottest games on the PlayStation 2 game system and the third in the series. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time was created by Tri-Ace and Square-Enix. originally supposed to be released back in 2003, there was a bug found in the system. The title was remade into a Director's Cut in 2004.

The story takes place a few hundred years after the Star Ocean: The Second Story and focuses on a blue haired boy named Fayt Leingod. It started as a simple vacation on a planet turned into a nightmare as an alien race attacks the world. During this event, the young boy gets separated from his parents. Later, he gets separated from one of his best friends and ends up on different worlds. Throughout his adventure, Fayt teams up with many characters to discover a secret far larger than the mere alien strike.

It's a must buy.
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is better than that Final Fantasy and focuses on the bigger picture of things. It also has characters that the players can get attached to (i.e., Albel Nox.)
by panzerraptor October 29, 2005
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