Standing here, I realize you were
Just like me trying to make history.
But who's to judge the right from wrong.
When our guard is down I think we'll both agree.
That violence breeds violence.
But in the end it has to be this way.
I've curved my own path, you've followed your wrath;
But maybe we're both the same.
The world has turned, and so many have burned.
But nobody is to blame.
It's tearing across this barren wasted land.
I feel new life could be born beneath
The blood stained sand.
Standing here i realise is a song from MGR during the senator Armstrong fight
by A ghost from Scotland April 12, 2022
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the new ora ora sound when punching an immovable object fast originated from an MGR meme
by Natsumi Shwarz best girl March 22, 2022
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