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The stalker eye involves looking at someone in such a way that it intimidates them and makes them feel like their space is being intruded upon.

This involves:
(1) maintaining too much eye contact with an invidivual while giving an expressionless face.
(2)doing the above several times at intervals.
(3)not talking to the individual.
(4)following or "hovering" around the individual.

This occurs for numerous reasons:
A person may be too shy, while having a crush on the individual. Their anxiousness to approach causes hesitation, and therefore akward behavior as their desire to approach and anxiety conflicts.

A person may actually be stalking an individual, for numerous reasons.

A man sees a woman at the grocery store who is incredibly attractive. He hovers in her vicinity, while giving her the stalker eye.
by cynical2007 February 23, 2008
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