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A child who dwells usually under or close to stairs during lunch, and passing periods, who often is and Anime fag, or general creeper. things kids often engage in eating ice cream, wrestling, and various other activities, all under the stairs.
these kids often thing that there are popular or socially acceptable, but the general population of schools hates them due to their weird rituals
Dude, those STAIR DWELLERS are wrestling under there!
by General Truth December 01, 2010
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A group of highschool age kids that linger near the stairs and usually intimidate others. Half of the stair dwellers are Jits and are some of the most loyal friends. Most listen to awesome music and smoke weed to pass the time...
*Kid walks out of store carrying a faygo. Punches Banana Republic douche bag in face. walks away.*

"Dude... who was THAT?"

"IDK. must have been a stair dweller."
by Zombie876.99 December 16, 2011
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