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a hardcore album that actually sounds more angry than Korn and Slipknot (although that may be just me that thinks that) and it's nightmare inducing, and the hidden track the funeral is a disturbing instrumental song
that goes on a few minutes after 4 walls and plays for 33 minutes. this album is hard to get because staind only sell it at concerts

Heres the songs:
1. Tolerate
2. Come Again (This song is also on staind's Singles Album)
3. Break
4. Painful
5. Nameless
6. Mudshuvel (The original version of Mudshovel)
7. See Thru
8. Question?
9. No One's Kind
10. Self-Destruct
11. 4 walls
12. The Funeral (Hidden Track)
Person 1: yeah nothings harder than korn or slipknot
person 2: staind's Tormented is
by Raw Faith October 08, 2009
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