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For people that dont know the stages of derping.

Derping is very common now a days where you screw up something or you just come off as plain stupid.
There are four stages of derp:
The first stage in where the majority of people are at and are a non derp where they may screw up once in a while and just reset back to normal at the beginning of each day.
The second stage of derp is a Common derp and are usually found in ditches with a shovel as they are boarder line derp usually found with IQ's lower than 100 and derp from 5 to 15 times a day.
The third stage is where you fail at most things in life expessially english and dont know how to spell and may derp from 15 to 50 times a day. This stage is called a Pro-Derp.
The fourth stage is a Royal derp it has nothing to do with the queen but whoever is at this stage should get a medal of some sort because they derp at least 50 or more times a day.
"I hate These stages of derp because it always ends up that I am a common derp at at the end of the day."
"It's okay Ron, just next time don't drop out of grade 10"
by BMilly4 July 10, 2011
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