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The only all girls, Pre-K through 12 school in Rhode Island.
Pretty much every where you go out in public, you see someone you know that goes to Bay View, is a parent or grandparent of a Bay View student, went to Bay View at some point in their life, or knows Bay View as their "sister school"- aka, the Hendricken boys.
Bay View puts on a kick-ass show, called "Manhattan at the Bay" or better known to the students as cabaret. Everyone in the state of RI either has seen this show, or knows about it.
Bay View also offers every sport that a girl can play, and basically beats every team in the state, whether they're girls teams or not.
St. Mary Academy Bay View hallway conversations go like this:

Girl 2: NO WAY! well, why can't vampires have short hair? I mean, vampires can cut their hair, what's the big deal?!
Girl 1: Yeah, that's true, he still looks good.
by Johnny Jacob February 17, 2009
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