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St. John's Paris is part of the exchange program associated with St. John's University New York (not to be confused with St. John's Santa Fe or St. John's Annapolis). It is most known for it's over priced and disease infested student residence. It is currently being sued by one resident for it's head of staff leaving the back security door unlocked (a door which leads to a shady Parisian alleyway), an act that led to said student's computer being stolen. After the computer was stolen, the head of staff then proceeded to lie to the Parisian police about the incident and burn the security tape which showed the intruder breaking into the resident's room and leaving with said resident's property.

In addition to mass disease and legal disputes, St. John's Paris Campus also supplies their residents with beds which were intended for three-year-old children who are still undergoing toilet training and weigh less than 40 pounds.
Dude, you smell sick. I think you've been spending too much time at St. John's Paris.
by Parlayvoofrancay December 02, 2009
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