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St Olaves is a secondary school in Bromley, and is one of the best schools in England, and possibly even the world. Other kids call the people that go there "Neaks", when most of them are just normal guys that want a good education. It is ridiculed by other schools, simply because of jealousy, as most people that go to the crappier schools probably failed the test to get in and now their parents are ashamed of them. If you or anyone you know is thinking about applying to go there, don't think twice; it is a truly great school, and anyone that is privileged enough to go there has made the best decision of their early life.
Dave: Ha Ha, look at that kid from St Olaves. I bet he's such a neak and he has no friends.
John: Shut up, he is actually quite cool. You might laugh now, but in 10 years time, he'll be laughing his arse off in his mansion, while you sit in your council flat feeling sorry for yourself
by CONFIDENTIAL1234 December 02, 2011
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