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An abnormally large and obese male preteen with a small penis. Generally a stømáche is agressive and is on the bottom
by Coüpernainq June 13, 2018
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Similar to a happy trail except grows sideways and resides an inch or so above the belly button. Picture the belly button being the mouth.
I have a hot date tonight, good thing I just trimmed my stomache.

Holy Shit! Did you see that guy's sweet stomache. That must have taken him months to grow.
by Guy Hoss March 07, 2009
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Upset stomach, contracted form of "stomach ache"
You can't sit on my lap, pet, I have a stomache.
by Popsicle August 03, 2004
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A condition certainly having nothing to do with an aforementioned idiot who can't spell "stomach." Those of us who have the ability to read might note that said idiot used the correct spelling of "stomach" in the definition... bitchcunt :)
I hope you get a stomache--preferably as a result of some chronic, fatal illness--and die.
by Popsicle II October 17, 2006
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