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School filled with snobby rich kids. The girls look pretty but will become a bitch when you least expect it. One minute they’re smiling to your face and the next they’re spreading all kids of rumors. Not to mention the guys won’t take no for an answer. Almost everyone does some kind of drug/drinks all the time. And when the school finds out instead of putting it on their record that a student uses drugs they ask the student to kindly leave without a word. But I mean it’s an okay education I guess.
Why is that girl acting like such a snake? I barely know her

Oh well she does go to St Pete Catholic
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by Former.snake June 15, 2018
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n. The greatest high school ever. Formerly headed by the one and only Pappa Lou, and now under the adored Serio. The elitest of all the Salesian schools, and the pride and joy of Don Bosco himself.

Also home to the most amazing ladies ever. See Donny B's Homegirls
St. Pete Catholic would have been Jesus' high school, had He lived now.
by Brock April 07, 2005
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