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This expression describes the way in which a man who has been sexually aroused can tighten his anal sphincter and pelvic floor muscles to precipitate the emission of a droplet of transparent seminal fluid (pre-cum) from his urethra.
"Oh Robert, you have the most beautiful cock I've ever seen - may I, may I - hold it? I'll be gentle, I swear."

"He's hungry Emma, just hold him with one hand and cup my balls with the other, I'm gonna squeeze a pearl for you."

"I can feel that Robert, look at your glans, it's growing, it's swelling, - and, oh, that's just beautiful, a wonderful cock pearl on the tip. Can I, can I taste it?"

"I want you to baby."

"Mmmmm - delicious, I love your taste ..."
by Katie4eyes June 13, 2018
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