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This can occur from staring at a TV screen or computer monitor for hours on end.

When working in an office staring at a computer monitor all day, your eyes start to feel tired & drowsy, almost as if they're becoming square shaped. It gets worse when doing a repetitive task, eg editing a spreadsheet full of boring numbers for hours on end........

It can also occur when you've watched a Lord of the Rings Trilogy Marathon or from watching porn for 48 hours straight when left alone at home when the wife/girlfriend/room-mate goes away for the weekend.
eg 1
John: I'm sick of editing these numbers in this spreadsheet. My eyes feel like they're becoming square............

Sally: Dude, you sound like you've got a bad case of Square Eyes (Squaritis in Latin)

eg 2
Matt: Oh man, Jess went away for a Spa weekend with the girls. I watched so much porn that my eyes are burning!

Steve: Shit man, you look like you're suffering from Square Eyes, or Squaritis to use the medical term. I feel the same, Shoniqwa went to her parents so I watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy back to back, then watched all of the Star Wars films, I was so fucked up I even watched the prequels!
by Peter McDreamy January 09, 2012
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