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A school near Cincinnati where the kids want to be just like the high school and think there all so cool. It is really a bunch of kids that are not funny but think they are, they are a bunch of spoiled brats, and all they do is bully kids. The high school hates them, the teachers hate them, the bus drivers hate them, and everyone else that has ever seen them hates them. About 98% are white kids, 2% asian kids, and there are around 3 black kid in the school.
Springboro Junior High School is just a bunch of rich white kids.
by sqigilynoodle March 03, 2017
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A school just a half mile from (Springboro High School) where about 25% of the students, who are often jocks, are complete jerks who are rich as fuck and talk shit about each other behind each others backs. Of that 25% some engage in illegal activity such as finding the "Candy Shop" and buying some "candy" for their personal use. Roughly 10% of the people are bullies who knowingly antagonize their victim on a daily basis by saying "Hey (insert victim's name here)" which is meant to simply just make the victim feel awkward and belittle them. When this occurs often the victim can do nothing because they cannot simply go to a teacher and say that someone keeps saying hi to them. About 50% of the students are normal people who are simply trying to do the best they can and walk around in a bliss simply not coming to the realization of the bullying and other illicit activities that are happening around them. Lastly, there is the 15% that are normal humane people that are willing to help those that are belittled and bullied, but often get bullied for it. Overall, life at SJHS sucks for those that aren't jerks and rich.
Kid 1: Do you go to Springboro Junior High School?
Kid 2: Yes, it sucks. All the jocks are rich and complete asses.
by Inconspicuos May 20, 2016
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