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an awesome place to go to school, also known as Spring Hill, SHC, The Hill, Spring Chill, Badger Nation, Coke Hill, and Spring Hill High. Badger Nation because of the badger mascot, and Coke Hill because of the large population of cocaine abusers in the late 70s and early 80s. Spring Hill High because of its small, High-school like quality of word getting spread around campus rapidly. A private, Jesuit-Catholic school founded in 1830 in Mobile, AL. Despite the small size, still a very fun place to go to school because of the good people that go to school there. Very easy to make lifelong friends to rage your fucking face off with, any night or day during the week. Popular attractions to the students are partying on campus, downtown, going to concerts, or going to the various beaches scattered around. Dont get it twisted - despite the small reputation and size, Spring Hill rages as hard as any big state school, and harder than some. Greek Life you ask? fuck yes...the fraternities are Sigma Chi, Lambda Chi Alpha, TKE, and Delta Chi. The Sororities are Delta Delta Delta, Phi Mu, and Delta Gamma.
South Alabama Student - "I wanna rage tonight"

his friend - "Lets go over to Spring Hill College and see whats going on"

South Alabama student - "Nah, I am too much of a hick. Plus im gay."

his friend - "True..."

Guy - "That one guy was raging so hard last night i think he killed a few people on accident...and hes got a good job. How does he manage to rage so hard?"

Guy2 - "He went to Spring Hill, nigga"

Guy 1 - "The city of Mobile blows cock"

Guy2 - Yea but I dont really care, I go to Spring Hill so i still manage to rage my face off.

Local 1 - "Theres a Missouri license plate right there....weird."

Local 2 - "Must be a Spring Hill student, there are alot of St. Louis fucks at that school.."

South Alabama student - "Im gay."
by horsecock666 July 12, 2011
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