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When a girl gives a boy a blowjob during the holiday season and he blows his load (christmas cheer) in her face.
Tyler: "Dude I just spread Christmas cheer all over that hoe's face."
Samson: "Dude your just like Santa Claus."

Boy: "My mom caught me spreading Christmas cheer all over my girlfriends face."
by courtneyann! December 02, 2007
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Done during Christmas time, this act involves the repositioning of decorative lawn ornaments (reindeer, Santas, elves, etc.) in sexually explicit positions relative to one another, for the enjoyment of neighborhood folk. Now while these positions SHOULD be utterly rude, offensive, and revoltingly disgusting...they SHOULD NOT be acts of vandalism where damage is done to the ornaments. Remember, its the Holidays. You can make a penguin look like its blowing Santa...just don't break it.
Person 1: "Dude, I'm thinking about Spreading Christmas Cheer at the Johnson's house tonight"
Person 2: "Are they the ones who always have that Santa with his reindeer?"
Person 1: "Yeh thats them! They also have a pretty sick Nativity Scene this year."
Person 2: "Sweet, I'm down! Ive always wanted to know what Jesus looks like getting blown by a reindeer while Santa gets triple teamed by Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen..."
by werd_chester December 27, 2010
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