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A statement which is claimed to spoil a film or television show episode, but in reality states something that never even occurs in the film or episode, thus making it not actually the spoiler of anything. Also called a "fake spoiler," "faux spoiler," or a "false spoiler."
Kevin: I'm serious this time, Oscar, don't you dare spoil "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."
Oscar: It dies.
Kevin: YOU SUCK!!!!
Oscar (thinking): Has no idea it was a spoiler faux for him!

Monica: I haven't watched the finale of 'Breaking Bad' better not spoil it for me...
Rachel: Walt Jr. convinces Walt and Skyler to get back together and it turns out that Hank actually didn't die.
Monica: THANKS A LOT!!!!
**they both get into a cat fight**
by A Person Named February 15, 2014
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