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a condition in which one has the character of Spock or a full Vulcan and only knows logic instead of accepted social norms and traditions that make no sense.
A man walks into a gym naked and starts working out. Two gym employees walk up to him to confront him.

Gym worker 1: "Hey, what the hell are you doin'? Why aren't you wearing clothes?"

Spock Syndrome Guy: "It isn't logical to wear clothes to the gym. I get all sweaty and only wear them about two hours then they need to be washed again."

Gym Worker 2: "But you have to wear clothes!"

SSG: "Why?"

GW 1: "Because that's the rules!"

SSG: "Why is it a rule?"

GW 1: "It just is!"

SSG: "I do not understand."

GW 2: "Forget it, dude, he's got Spock Syndrome."

GW 1: "What a weirdo! Who uses logic to decide how they live their lives!?"
by ManPoweredTravel May 25, 2012
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