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A nerd trying to pick up chicks. His method will always utterly fail, until he tries it on...a nerdette! In which case, he will be absolutely sucksexful!
PETER: Oh my God! Check out Poindexter with that babe over there. Watch him Spock out with his cock out!

BOBBY: She is a total fox, yet, she is also quite nerdy. Poindexter might just score.

PETER: No way! She's way to hot for him.

BOBBY: Hold on, I think I'm making out something about Nuclear Physics, yea, yea, she's responding, she's nodding, she's smiling, he's made some kind of Physics joke that I don't get, she's laughing...

PETER: They're leaving together! Fuck! I drove up to her in my red Corvette convertible and asked her to the football game, and she turned me down cold!

BOBBY: Revenge of the nerds, bro'.
by Robert Brady June 04, 2006
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