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originally marketed as an ethanol based petrol additive, Spirytus Rektyfikowany is now sold at most liquor stores near section-8 housing. Superficially it resembles everclear, but the special distillation process imparts Spirytus Rektyfikowany with a unique taste. It can be drunk straight or mixed at a 1:2 ratio with water to create vodka. Also known simply as "spiritus" and "spirutus" because the full translation is "ethanol based gasoline octane rectifier". According to the manufacturer "the name is not important. We have a very loyal customer base, and to them, what really matters is what's inside". However, critics have noted that every time the company has tried to shorten the neck of the bottle, sales have rapidly plummeted.
journal of a Spirytus Rektyfikowany man:

I did my daily rounds in the parking lots near the liquor store, asking people for a few dollas for a train ticket. By noon I had enough dollas for the first bottle of spiritus. I went into tha store lookin for that green label and gold cap and that nice long smooth neck that makes it go down like cream. After that, things get a bit fuzzy
by bob the alcoholic October 01, 2010
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