Spiritual enlightenment is the discovery of a whole dimension of yourself hidden in plain sight that you had never experienced before: your true Self. This dimension is not perceivable with the senses because it’s not within the field of your awareness. Instead, it is the source and ground of your awareness itself.

Therefore, you can’t know this dimension with the mind. You can only know it by being it, which activates a dormant cognitive device far superior to the mind. This is achieved by forgoing all mental distractions and allowing every bit of your awareness to return to its source. Because when the full weight of your attention rests idly on its ground, a sinkhole opens up into this dimension and you become your true Self.

The inexpressible knowledge that you gain by being your Self is so astonishingly clear, certain, and revealing that it blows your mind and shatters all your previous ideas and conceptions of reality. This knowledge affords a vantage point from which you realize that while everything that you perceive (i.e. your mind, your body, and the entire physical universe) is transitory and ephemeral, your true Self exists absolutely, beyond time and space, always here and always now.

Furthermore, being your Self brings with it an unshakeable state of peace and fulfillment that is completely indescribable; a glorious state in which being, knowing, and loving are one and the same. Because in that state, all is one, and your Self is all that exists.
A: Yesterday I reached spiritual enlightenment.
B: What do you mean?
C: I mean that I realized who I AM.
by fcrcf September 12, 2015