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1: When your out of stuff to clean your mess after you masturbate, you go to the laundry basket and get a sock to clean it up, or if your in a bathroom and your out of toilet paper.

2: Put the sock on your penis and proceed to masturbate. It will soak it all up and you wont have to clean up. And you can add lotion for extra pleasure.

3: Vagina
1: Person 1: shit dude last night i was lonely as fuck so i jacked off for a on the toilet. i then found out i had no TP so i took off my sock and cleaned up with that.


2: Person 1: hey do you wanna know a cool way to jack off? put lotion in a sock and use that.

Person 2: wtf?

3: Person 1: my dick was cold so i used my gf as a sperm sock.
by wowtf June 20, 2010
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