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The phenomenon that is connected to the creation of head pubies, it is whenever a little girl before puberty gets a significantly large birthmark-looking blotch somewhere on their body, but usually occurs on their shoulder. It is a scientifically proven that only 5% of the female population will ever develop this, as they have the choice to either stay a woman or become a male-female hybrid before the onset of puberty, in which if it the girl has accepted to being a Sperm Child; the hidden dick inside the birthmark looking blotch to reveal itself. During its incubation the girl may have the dick talk to her, console her and advise her on various sorts of methods in getting harder as a person (p-penis). Properly allowing Sperm Child to develop results in the girl gaining head pubies, as well as dick-related powers, like wang-bending and using the released dick to shoot diamond hard sperm at enemies. Wispy poo arm hair may also develop
Cummel Does: Hey Jizzy why do you have head pubies on your....OMG YOU'RE A SPERM CHILD! WISPY POO! WISPY WISPY! WISPY PLLLZZZ!

Jizzy: Gurackurah! *Pulls out cock and stabs Cummels in the dick*

Cummel Does: *cum tear*
by Genital Wang January 21, 2011
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