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A connoisseur of the speedball, in its most general form, a combination of a depressant and stimulant, to enhance the positive effects and mitigate the negative effects that would be felt with administration of either drug alone. Typically it involves simultaneous co-administration of cocaine with a powerful, short acting opiate such as heroin, fentanyl, or a fentanylogue.

Speedballs are sublimely pleasurable, incredibly addictive and quite dangerous. To accomplish with any reasonable degree of safety they require vigorous self-discipline and extraordinarily deep reservoirs of knowledge and experience with the drugs in question, as well as consideration of one's tolerance, general health condition and relative quality of the specific doses about to taken. Attempting a speedball is a highly dangerous process, but those who survive to develop their routine and practice it thousands of times are called speedball artists in reference to the fact that staying alive while maximizing the pleasure from it is as much an art as it is a science.
"What's his drug of choice?"

"He's a speedball artist. Coke and fentanyl specifically. Shit's incredibly dangerous, but somehow, either from luck, skill or some crazy combination of both he's managed to go for years without ODing... yet."
by Improvising September 09, 2016
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