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Specified Booty Syndrome (SBS) is a mental condition one is diagnosed with web they obsess over the same piece of ass for months made years at a time. SBS can be caused by a placing of an individual advice themselves and or they're friends. Specified Booty Syndrome is diagnosed under the following conditions use this for too trek if you or your friends have (SBS):
1. The patient is obsessed with the booty and had no plans to turn to any other booty when if the booty turned him down

2. That friend is reluctant to be in the same room as the booty and will go out of his way to avoid it

3. You're friends had been working towards this booty even though he knows fully well that it is impossible for you to attain said booty.
Guy 1 " Hey did you see Jarred he had been walking up and down the street for Morgan, even though she said he was just a friend. "

Guy 2 "Yup I heard that he walked out of his grandma's funeral to avoid being the with her"

Guy 1 " Damn that's the worst case of Specified Booty Syndrome (SBS) that I have ever seen."

Guy 2 "Yah hood life will never be the same "
by Dr. Strange September 06, 2014
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