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The best record company going. Makes bangers on the reg. Smoke so much its impressive. Apparently they collabed with Michael Jackson before he was a nonce also Madonna in the 80s and during the French revolution wrote the musical Les mis. They encouraged Beyoncé to make a new album and she was signed to Spat Flif inc. for 8 years and Blue Ivy with be joining soon for her new record 'Eat my A$$' ft Snoop Dogg, who said 'Spat Flif is the OG' Check MTV for weekly updates on the crew and fire records. Hugh Hefner is seen with them at the studio on the daily.
Who produced that sick song by Pitbull

Oh have you been living under a rock, it's Spat Flif records.
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by Potatoes, I like May 01, 2019
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