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When a homie jumps about with odd movements, habitual ticks, and stares into space or at your breasts all while adjusting his pants. Pretends to be busy jumping about but tends to get nothing done.


Can be entertaining to watch.
Easy to poke fun at.
Never needs to diet.

Can be annoying.
May have a curved spine.
May be easily over-heated.
Has a hard time eating.
Makes the female do all the work during sex. (If female, which is very rare, she is great in bed.)
Chaquim: Yo bro, what is yo homie on, dude? Man he is like a tick on a dick.

Jesus: Yo man, that's not funny. He ain't on no 'ting bro, he has 'Spastic Homie Disease'!
by Big Dick Mel July 09, 2011
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