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A derivation of Godwin's Law, which states that as a Usenet discussion, primarily one religious in nature, the probability of an allusion involving The Flying Spaghetti Monster approaches 1.

Note: the Flying Spaghetti Monster is also interchangeable with gnomes, elves, unicorns, fairies, etc.
"Let's say I'm a devout follower of a god known as The Flying Spaghetti Monster. Now, let's say I support horrendously bigoted notions based purely on the word (Spaghetti's Law, or Biblesghetti) of this floating hunk of spaghetti. You don't feel that's a bit unfair?"

"If you want me to worship a flying spaghetti monster, or guilt me into believing that faith in the spaghetti monster is important, you must first prove that the flying spaghetti monster exists."
by Chaohinon October 30, 2008
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