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This is a nickname for a person with the name of casey who is... well lets say odd. Thus they are typically a dumb shit who often loses train of thought, and cannot focus on anything for more than 6-seconds. If you were to see a "spacey casey" in the wild or even converse with one, you may hear the word "what" several times, and the phrase "i forgot" several times. With that in mind most "spacey casey's" make good friends... as they do forget everything. I do happen to know a "spacey casey", and shes a good friend.
Person 1- Hey casey your satan.
Person 2 (spacey casey)- Your so mean. I hate you!
-Next day-
Person 1- Hey casey whats up?
Person 2 (spacey casey)- Nothin, your my bestest friend ever!!!!!!!
by Mike-Dub July 01, 2008
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