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The Greatest Fucking Animated Children's Movie Ever.

It starts out as seemingly normal movie of the genre. There are talking chimps that aspire to go on a space mission. However, about three and a half minutes into the movie you start to think that perhaps someone put LSD in your popcorn. The movie goes in a drastically different direction than you thought it was going, and your eyes are absorbing the loudest fucking colors an alien race and their homeland has ever been.

Aside from the hilariously ridiculous premise, there are many almost blatantly inappropriate references for a children's movie. Including bu not limited to the lines "Its not the size of the beast, but how you use it." "Is that a banana in your pocket?" and a character that has a tiny body and a large boob for a head, with a nipple like protrusion on the top. To add to the ridiculousness, this creature glows and screams/sings like an opera singer when it is scared. Late in the film there is a shot of this creature being shit out by a giant cave slug.

And the icing on the cake, Space Chimps stars Andy Samberg.

Specifically recommended for those who enjoy smoking weed.
Space chimps is the greatest fucking film in the land.
by DonkeyBusiness February 27, 2009
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