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Portmanteau of the word "sovereign" and "retard". It's a phrase to describe sovereign citizens, who are people who think they are above the law. It does not end well for them though, as many videos on YouTube will show you them getting tazed, windows broken, arrested, etc.
Guy 1: Hey did you see that video of that dumbass sovtard getting tased and arrested?

Guy 2: No, what happened?

Guy 1: This sovtard argued with the police and because he didn't have a license, he tried to use the dipshit argument that he was "traveling". In the end, it resulted in his windows being broken, and him getting tased and arrested.

Guy 2: Show me the video! I need to see this dumbass for real!

Guy 1: *Shows the video*

Guy 2: Bro, that's fuckin' hilarious! I need to watch more videos of sovtards getting owned!
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by Runt18 June 11, 2019
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