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Southport is a small town on the coast of North Carolina populated by pregnant teens, rednecks, retired old people who spend 90% of their time complaining, feminists, emo's, the occasional weeaboo, girls who actually enjoy "Simply Southern" apparel, and more rednecks. If you plan on taking a vacation here, you could invest your time eating at one of the two San filepe's(because one isn't enough for a really small town), watch a movie at Surf Cinema (hope you like the sounds of coughing because that's all your going to hear during your movie), or maybe head downtown and look at the scenery (which actually isn't terrible whenever you're not being attacked by seagulls).

Despite all the negativity, some of the people here are cool and it's an alright place to live
Person 1-"So where do you live?"

Person 2-"Southport NC"

Person 1-"Disgusting, go live in a better place like Wilmington or something"
by Big boi 69 April 01, 2017
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