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The southern Guido- (adj)- generally a male born in the south. This "gentlemen" drives a truck with stickers such as "salt life" or "costa" and the truck is quite often lifted or equipped with all terrain tires. This gent..leman loves to dress in a polo or Lacoste shirt, khakis and either boat shoes or air maxes. (Guy Harvey shirt and shorts atleast one inch above the knee is needed in casual situations) They always have a pair of sunglasses around thier neck be it day or night and will most likely have hair which will cover the forehead and ears. Hats will bear a college football team or will be a visor bearing "Afco." Some frequent the gym and definatly " can kick anyones ass" even if the opponent is double their size. Packs of southern guidos will infest one bar and "own" the bar. This "southern guido owned" bar is now equivalent to a high school reunion of southern guidos. They love to drink cheap beer in large quantity or cheap whiskey. This young man usually smokes marlboro lights or dips either grizzy or skoal wintergreen. He may or may not smoke marijuana and may or may not take xanax bars. He is a die hard football fan of whichever college team is biggest in his particular state, and hates anything but S.E.C. football. Any sport besides football or baseball is viewed negativelly and thought of as "pussy shit." They hate all northeners, especially northern guidos, but still watch " jersey shore", solely for the reason of making fun of the show.
Kid 1: Man, that bar was full of southern guidos.

Kid 2: I know did you see how they all started trying to fight me because I looked in their general direction?

Kid 1: Yeah, probably because your shirt says Nautica instead of Polo.
by Southern situation March 06, 2012
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