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A school Located in South San Diego , Just North of Tijuana.

Abbreviated "SOH"

SouthWest High is the home of the Raiders.

The school contains about 80%Mexican 10%Asian/Filipino 9%Black and 1%Other.

The school Rivals with Mar Vista High.

The school has The worst Football team In San Diego

But The school won banners In boys basketball , girls soccer, and academic league. Boys basketball , girls soccer , and boys soccer all participated in the CIF Playoffs against the top schools in San Diego.

The school has alot of school pride , Better not disrespect

And lastly everyone at the school is pretty chill.

"Once a Raider Always a raider"
Hey do you go to SouthWest high San Diego?

Wow your lucky! I go to gay ass marvista!
by SDalldayy July 01, 2009
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